TICHÁ POŠTA  / adventurous family drama / Dir: Ján Sebechlebský, DoP: Martin Štrba, Producers: Julietta Sichel, Silvia Panáková / 2025
This adventurous family film takes place in the snowy Giant Mountains at the end of the German occupation. A group of child heroes rescues a downed French pilot. Their actions resemble the principle of the well-known “telephone game“ – the pilot is passed between mountain villages like a secret message – secret delivery - at school. But the children play a highly risky game. They are confronted by deadly soldiers of the occupying army, they must outwit traitors and informers and, last but not least, survive in the harsh conditions of winter in the mountains. This thrilling and visually attractive film story, which is an adaptation of the literary novel by writer and screenwriter Jiří Stránský, is based on real events. The creators want to address child viewers with the theme of courage, friendship and heroism, but also to show how people change when confronted with danger.

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