comedy, romantic gangster movie / 90 min / Dir.: Rasťo Boroš / Editors: Michal Kondrla, Maroš Šlapeta / Producer: Lipstick s.r.o. 2022
Eight chapters on the disaster that ensues after a simple man signs a blank piece of paper when handed a pen. Eight cautionary tales of how love can upend the comfortable lives of loan sharks, and the lengths to which sensible, regular folk will go when their hubris takes over. Eight stories affirming that a true hero is the one who never backs down in fear of death, not even after the very last hope kicks the bucket. No guns are drawn, no shooting takes place in this romantic, dramatic narrative, to make room for the petty criminals to enjoy the silence and hear their own conscience. Blood is only spilled when the women worth dying for can’t tell the difference between kissing and biting your lips. Love hurts, always. And especially when love and cash get tangled up.
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